Products I Use

Keto Krate - Keto friendly snacks to your door, monthly. I look forward to this each month.
Keto Mojo Ketone Testing Meter - Much more accurate than the ketone pee testing strips and will show the ketones in your blood when they don't show on the pee strip. This is very useful after you are fat adapted because you stop showing on the pee strips. This ketone meter has the cheapest strips. Others are around $3-$5 per test strip. I was able to score you a 15% savings when you use my link.
keto kookie Keto Kookies - These are the best, fatty, gooey cookie goodness. Must try! No sugar added. Low Glycemic. Gluten Free and only 1.4 net carbs
Carbquick Carbquik - I am so excited to start using this for some treats. Pancakes and other goodies. Yum!
Simply Fit Board - I got this for Christmas and love it! Just a few minutes a day and I can feel it in my waist, hips, thighs, back...entire mid section.
CALM - this stuff is good to take a tsp everyday. Will keep you regular.
Swerve Sweetener, Bakers Bundle, Granular and Confectioners - for baking and making sweet treats
Pure Pink Himalayan Ancient Sea Salt 16 oz - Contains 84 trace minerals including Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and Iron. Offers many health benefits and tastes great.
Miracle Noodle Shirataki Pasta - 0 net carbs great for spaghetti and other sauces.
Ketone test strips - use these to test if you are in ketosis
PB2 - great peanut butter taste with or without chocolate. Great in low carb ice cream and other treats.
Low Carb Brownie mix by CarbRite Diet
These are very good. I love brownies and these are very yummy!
Real Good Foods Personal Pizza, Supreme, 4.9 Pound (Pack of 6)
I tried these and they are pretty good and satisfies the pizza craving.