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Today I hit a HUGE milestone. I’m so excited! I have been having another mini plateau. I have been doing great on my eating but not really losing weight, just up and down the same couple of pounds. The last few days I have been peeing like crazy and the weight has been coming off. I finally am having another low carb Whoosh.

When you are losing fat with a low carb diet, the fat cells don’t just go away when the fat goes way. Instead they fill up with water then when you hit a certain point they collapse the what water come out in a big whoosh and your weight goes down. Wooo Hooo! Feeling great!

Watch my update below for all the details.

If this helps you and/or inspires you please let me know. I would love to hear from you and love to help you get healthy, lose weight and just feel better!

Check back tomorrow for another update.


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