Day 223: Staying On Track When Things Get Tough | DIY Holiday Workshop

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This update is from a week ago (10/20/2016). I’m not sure why, but I could not seem to get this update posted. I told myself I would do it every day the last week, but got busy with work or … Continue reading →

Day 204: Low Carb Ideas And Deals For The Budget Conscious

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In today’s update I go over low carb deals I found at the Dollar Tree. Plus specials and coupons at some local grocery stores. Watch my update below for all the details. If this helps you and/or inspires you please … Continue reading →

Day 161: Trip To The Josephine County Fair | Oh No Fair Food

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Today we went to the Josephine County Fair here in Grants Pass Oregon. It just happened to be the hottest day of the year so far. It was supposed to be around 110 degrees but when we got back to … Continue reading →